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Translation release notes for Kalkules 1.9 beta

This page describes what needs to be done to update Kalkules translation to version 1.9 beta (release 18).

All the prepared files are contained in the Kalkules 1.9 beta zip package. Please download the Kalkules 1.9 beta zip package here and modify the contained files. Then send the modified files in a zip package to [email protected] Thanks.

Program language file

The newest language file version is 0.3.0 (view full change log).

These new texts have been added and need to be translated:


The English texts are already added in all language files, which are contained in the Kalkules 1.9 beta zip package. You just need to translate them.

Manual file

New texts

Some new texts have been added to describe the programs new features. The English texts are also prepared in all translations of the manual. New texts have been added to these sections:

  • Program settings - Behaviour tab
  • Expression browser
  • Tool description - graph of function

Changed texts

These changes were made in the English manual and should also be made in the translated versions:

  • Tool description - Unit converter - deleted text “If not, press the calculate button.” (because the calculate button has been removed)

Window screenshots

Some windows have changed in the new version. Therefore it would be appropriate to make new updated screenshots for the manual. The following files should be updated:

  • combinatorics.png
  • graph-of-function.png
  • main-desc.png
  • rule-of-three.png
  • settings-behaviour.png
  • variables.png

Files graph-of-function.png and main-desc.png have red description numbers on them, which are referred to from the manual text. If you will be updating these files, make plain screenshots of the windows, and use these GIMP template files to add the description texts. If you don't know how to use GIMP, just send me the plain screenshots and I will do it my self.

Unit file

The Unit converter can now convert also temperature units. Therefore a new category “Temperature” has been added into the unit file (units.xml). The new category has been already added into all translations. You just need to translate the new English texts.

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