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Basic calculations

This page shows how to process basic calculations.

Writing expressions

To evaluate an expression, simply write it as one line of text:


It is possible to use spaces in the expression, they do not have an effect on evaluating:

 5  +    2

You can use more operations in one expression. The operators are evaluated according to the standard mathematical priority.

 5 * 2 - 3 + 6 / 4

To change the evaluation priority, it is posible to use unlimited number of parenthesis:

 5 * ( ( 2 - 3 ) + 6 / 4 )

Powers and roots

Powers can be written into one line using the symbol ^. For instance 5² would be:

 5 ^ 2

Writing roots is a litle bit harder. The ^ symbol is used here as well, but the second operand must be written as the inverse value of the exponent. For instance, √5 would be:

 5 ^ (1/2)

The main form contains buttons for inserting roots, which will fill in the important characters, so it is easier and more convenient to insert roots. The buttons are [x²], [x³] and [xy]. The exponent can also be written as a decimal number, so √5 can also be written like this:

 5 ^ 0.5
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