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Sharing expression libraries

This article explains how you to add expression libraries to Kalkules and also how can you share your expression libraries with others. See also Creating new expression libraries.

Library folder

Every Kalkules expression library is basically a single *.xml file. All the library *.xml files are located in the library folder.

The library folder is located in the folder where you have installed Kalkules. The general pattern is:

{kalkules folder}\lib\{language code}\

For instance: If you have installed Kalkules in C:\Program Files\Kalkules (which is the default installation option), and you are using English language, your library folder path is:

C:\Program Files\Kalkules\lib\en\

Adding new libraries

To add a new expression library into Kalkules, you need to have the corresponding library *.xml file. You can download the library *.xml files from the internet or perhaps get them from a friend. (You can also create your own libraries.)

When you have the *.xml file, simply place it in your library folder. If the file is valid, the new library will be loaded automatically next time you start Kalkules.

Sharing your libraries

If you want to share a library that you have created, you can simply share the corresponding *.xml file from your library folder. For instance you can send the *.xml file to a friend by email, or you can make it available for download on your website, etc.

If you think that your library could be useful for every Kalkules user, you can submit it to the author via the contact form or send to support(at) The libraries submitted this way will probably be included in the official Kalkules *.zip and install packages, or will be made available for download at the Kalkules webpage.

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