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Displaying a function graph

This article shows how to display a graph of a function.

Simple functions

Lets say we want to display the graph of function f: y = 1 / x

First type the function in the main window the same way, as if you were evaluating expressions. Write only the right side of the equation. In this case, write only 1/x.

Now go to main menu and select Tools/Graph of function… You can also use the shortcut button (circled in the image above).

The graph should now be displayed.

Variables in functions

Note that the function must always contain a changing variable called x. If the function doesn't contain a variable named x, it will be considered constant.

If the function contains other variables (f.i.: a / x + b), you have to enter their values the same way, as if you were evaluating an expression.

Goniometric functions

When displaying graphs of goniometric functions (such as sin(), cos(), etc.), you get better results by switching the program to “Rad” mode. You can do that by pressing the mode button (5):

It is important to switch to the “Rad” mode before displaying the graph.

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